Direct Deposit your Tax Refund of $1,000 or More and Get $30 Loaded to your Personalized Card*

When you load onto a personalized 1-2-3 REWARDS® Prepaid Debit Card.

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3 Simple Steps to Earn Money on Top of Your Tax Refund!

When you have your tax refund directly deposited to your 1-2-3 REWARDS® Prepaid Debit card, you get a bonus $30 added to your personalized card! Below are the 3 simple steps to set up your direct deposit.

How to Set Up Your Direct Deposit

prepaid debit card tax refund login

Step 1

Once you have your Personalized Card, Login to your Personalized Card account at

prepaid debit card tax refund account number

Step 2

Once you are logged into your account, select Direct Deposit to find our account numbers at the bottom of the page.

prepaid debit card tax refund form

Step 3

Enter your direct deposit details on your tax return and for “Type”, put an X in the “Checking” box in the refund section of your tax return. 

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The Updated 1-2-3 REWARDS® Prepaid App

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What Can an Extra $30 Do for You?

Who wouldn’t love an extra $30 in their wallet? The list of possibilities that $30 can buy you is endless, but here are a few suggestions. Happy spending!

Buy Groceries

You could buy about 10 gallons of milk or about 15 loaves of bread with $30.**

Get Data/Minutes

$30 could buy you 90 minutes or 750MB of data through select non-contract mobile carriers.**

Fuel Up

Get about 13 gallons of gas at one of our fuel centers for $30.**